About Us..

Dr. Mohindra started her career as a lecturer in Music in MD University (India) and hosted her own talkback radio program as well as television show on music therapy in Fiji and Australia. Dr Mohindra also worked for 9 years as a marketing and programming executive with Pay TV, Australia. She has a passion for community services and helping people and is an active member of various community organizations, charities and NGO's.

Armed with degree in Classical Dance and Music, Masters in Music and Ph.D in Music (Healing stress depression and anxiety 2001), Dr Mohindra uses Indian Classical Ragas to guide and support her clients in overcoming their feelings of stress, depression and anxiety,this therapy has been practiced since 4000 BC . She has organised several workshops in special schools and psychiatric hospitals in different countries. Dr. Mohindra was also the president of Music therapy association of Fiji for 3 years. Dr Mohindra has completed a Diploma in Counselling from Australia and is currently pursuing a Masters degree.