Things to Keep in Mind

How often should you anticipate seeing me? For how long?

Normally, we recommend that client should visit us weekly or fortnightly for a period of time. The length of time for your treatment can vary from a few weeks to many months, depending on what you need.

How do you set up counseling goals? What are they like?

Step #1: Figure Out Where You Currently Are.

Step #2: Pick One Goal to Work With.

Step #3: Break Your Goal Down.

Facilitating behavioral change.

Helping improve our client’s ability to both establish and maintain relationships.

Helping enhance our client’s effectiveness and their ability to cope.

Helping promote the decision-making process while facilitating client potential.

What is typical session like? How long are the sessions?

We ask questions about your presenting concerns, as well as your history and background. Most likely, you'll find yourself talking about your current symptoms or struggles, as well saying a bit about your relationships, your interests, your strengths, and your goals. Sessions are from 60 minutes to 80 minutes, depending upon the therapy you are taking.

What kind of homework/reading do you give to your patients?

Reading materials are incredibly important early on in therapy to educate clients regarding their symptoms, possible causes, and potential treatments. Monitoring their moods and completing thought records can help clients recognize associations between their feelings, thoughts, and behaviors.

How do I prepare for my first session?

Be prepared. Before you get to the session, know how to describe “what's wrong,” and find some words to describe your feelings about your problem. One helpful way to prepare is to write down the reasons you're seeking help. Make a list and then read it out loud.