Our Mission

Our mission is to allow our clients with a affirmative perception and way for their future.

Our Strength

We provide to our stress, depression and anxiety clients, Music therapy (Healing with Ragas) A therapy which has been practiced since 4000 BC.

Why Us

We do not solve your problem,we help you to solve your problem in a better , safer and friendly environment.

Introduction To Inner Glance

Counselling is a helping approach and a therapeutic relationship between a qualified counsellor and the client. It is both professional and intentional. In difficult circumstances, family members and friends are unable to provide an objective point of view. Counselling provides professional guidance and support to a client to help and gain greater clarity and understanding of their prevailing issue/s. Often broadly misunderstood, counselling is not 'advice-giving'.

See yourself in a new Light

  • The sooner you get help, the sooner you can learn how to manage and overcome your feelings of stress, depression and anxiety.
  • Do not give up on yourself. With the support and guidance of a good counsellor, YOU can begin to see yourself in new light.
  • Counselling can help you control your feelings rather than have your feelings control you.

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